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Corporate / Business Medical Examinations
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Corporate / Business Medicals


A pre-employment medical verifies that the prospective member of staff is physically fit to perform the duties of the position they have applied for, and to help guard against work-related illness and injury. 


We provide pre-employment medical assessments and driver medicals on short notice, as well as manage injuries from worker’s compensation claims. Dr Blanchard Kadiongo is a CMO for the Rail Industry Workers (RIW). Our assessments respect privacy, workplace relations and anti-discrimination legislation.

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Job and task analysis

Specific medicals for roles, tasks and project sites

Functional capacity and musculoskeletal assessments

Fitness for work

Biochemistry and serology – on-site pathology


Mental health and lifestyle questionnaires



Injury prevention


Commercial & dangerous goods drivers’ medicals

Pre-employment medical assessment

Drug and alcohol testing


Heart and lung function screening – ECG & Spirometry

Baseline and periodic health screening

Health surveillance

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Injury Rehabilitation

Injury management focuses on early reporting, appropriate rehabilitation and return-to-work strategies to help injured workers return to work in a timely manner and as safely as possible.


We provide a comprehensive and supportive injury management program, return to work program and a personal injury plan involving your insurer, employer, rehabilitation provider, and industrial union (where applicable).

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